Fresh Air – new smooth jazz piano album

Fresh Air Album

smooth jazz piano player Duncan Millar

About my new smooth jazz piano album: It’s been quite a while since I released my previous albums, and I’ve had a chance to take a fresh look at the direction of the music.

On this album my keyboards, – piano, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer , – are even more at the forefront than before, and I explore new grooves and moods, sometimes inspired by fresh musical influences encountered on travels.

There’s a change in how the album has been created too, as it’s self-produced and recorded, and is released on new boutique label Warmday Records.

Hope you enjoy!

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Fresh Air, Album Credits

All songs written and produced by Duncan Millar
Duncan Millar Piano, Fender Rhodes Mark II, Wurlitzer EP 200A electric piano
Mark VanderguchtElectric Guitar (all tracks except 3) Acoustic Guitar (3, 6)
Chris Dodd Bass (all tracks), Drum and Percussion Programming (1)
Gary O'Toole Drums (5, 7, 9)
Tony Campbell Drum Programming (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9), Percussion Programming (2, 5, 8, 9), Acoustic Guitar (5)
Anselmo Netto Brazilian Percussion and Cavaquinho (3)
Pete Eckford Percussion (2)
Jacko Peake Sax (1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9), Flute (5)
Damon Brown Cornet (4), Trumpet (Open and Muted) (6)
Alex Bonney Trumpet (Muted) (4, 6)
Dennis CharlesAdditional Production ideas (1, 6, 10), Additional Percussion (5, 7)
Duncan Millar Drum and Percussion Programming and Additional Programming (1, 10)
Mixing: Nick Hunt
Mastering: Holger Lagerfeldt
Recorded by Duncan Millar at The Bunker, London
Mixed at Boogieback and The Bunker studios Studio
All songs published by Anthemic Music Publishing

3 thoughts on “Fresh Air – new smooth jazz piano album”

  1. Hey Duncan!!

    Hope you are well.

    I just listened to one of your tracks. Well done!
    If you are free come to my concert tomorrow 7.30 Leytonstone Festival. Just get the 56 bus from Angel.
    You will hear some excellent string players and maybe you will want them for future stuff.

  2. Hi Pedro, I much appreciate your contact and interest. As regards my current CD, there is no problem with this. In fact, all you do is click on the extreme right button next to “Buy” in the left sidebar and follow it through. No problem for me to sign, and postage from here (UK) to US is about $8, all payable by Paypal. I’d also be pleased to include mp3’s of one of the older albums with a purchase of “Fresh Air”

    Regarding CD’s of the two older albums, this is more problematic. These were previously released by a third-party and I only now have a couple of extra left of “Dream Your Dream” only which I probably want to keep. Some more are for sale on Amazon, some at high and some very-high prices, however. If you wanted me to sign one of these, one idea might be to have them delivered by Amazon directly to me and I will forward to you. In that case might make more sense to buy on to save postage. Sounds like a lot of trouble, I know, but if you’re interested, please contact through email.

    By the way, as commented on Facebook, I’d love to come to San Diego and just need an invitation and opportunity!

    all the best Duncan

  3. I want to purchase (3) three signed CD’s
    (1) Good to Go
    (2) Dream your dream
    (3) Fresh Air
    I live in San Diego, California. How do I go about it. Thanks. When are you coming to San Diego, California.

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