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Dec 11th 2013

welcome to my brand new website!
To celebrate, I’m giving away a CD of my new album Fresh Air to the first 20 people to answer a simple question about the site*!  The next 30 will receive any one track of their choice emailed (as an mp3) from any of my albums, present and previous! Click here for  entry-details!

My aim is for this site to be as inter-active as possible, with links to Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud and your feedback positively encouraged! (see comments box below each page).

I also aim to keep it as up-to-date and “live” as possible, with news and blog updates here most weeks, plus new stuff that I will add as I go along, including new photos, videos , music demos and anything else I can think of!

(*Post free in UK).

“Get What You Give” on Cafe Jazz

Very nice words from Ted Hasiuk of Cafe Jazz in Canada in a special show in which he spun Get What You Give…

Get What You Give – Duncan Millar:
It’s been several years since British keyboardist Duncan Millar last caused a stir in the world of smooth. Two previous solo releases, Dream Your Dream and Good To Go issued in ’98 and ’01 respectively, racked up high scores and now it’s great to see Duncan return to the scene with Fresh Air. The new album lives up to its title as Millar spins a in a new direction with grooves and moods often inspired by his travels. From a project that was self-produced and self-recorded, we’ve selected the cd’s final track, one that is reminiscent of Duncan’s days on the dance club circuit and one that we’ve adopted as an informal anthem for this show. Lots of ‘grit & groove’ in this tune, love the bass and the ‘frosted trumpet’, some excellent solos in the middle plus some great trade off riffs! So it’s with a twist on the title of the piece, that we now ‘give what we get’ – that being the selection Get What You Give!