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March 8th, 2014

New Gig Announcement! Sunday 13th April, Bankside, London

Another chance to catch my 5-piece band playing tracks from my recent album Fresh Air! On Sunday evening, 13th April at Nolia’s Jazz Cafe (Ex-The Union Jack) Bankside (2 mins from Southwark tube). With me on piano, Matt Wates sax, Hamish Birchall drums, Ed Arm guitar, Gareth Huw Davies bass. Admission free, would love to see you there! Food and drink available. All details on event page. From about 8pm.

Feb 17th 2014

Gig Announcement! Sat 1st March, Bankside, London

Hope to see you at the first gig with my new band on Sat March 1st 8pm, Nolia’s Jazz Cafe (Ex-The Union Jack), 225 Union Street London SE1 0LR. Admission free! All welcome! 2 mins walk from Southwark Tube (Jubilee Line).

I’ll be playing tracks from my latest album ‘Fresh Air’ as well as previous albums with a new band including Thomas Rees, trumpet; George Millard, sax; Ed Arm, guitar; Pete Hutchinson, bass; Hamish Burchall; drums. Admission for this warm-up gig is free! to minute walk from Southwark Tube. Come along and enjoy the band at this great new venue!

Feb 3rd 2014

Feb 3rd 2014, London:

Back in London now, in the cold and wet! Am busy preparing and rehearsing with a new band for upcoming shows in London, Europe… the world! Let me know where is a good place to play near you!

New band includes piano, guitar, bass, sax, trumpet and drums and we will play tracks from the latest album, Fresh Air, plus some older ones from previous albums.

Will try to post gig details soon, plus some photos from next rehearsal!

Jan 7th 2014, Salvador, Brazil

Jan 7th 2014
Sitting here in Salvador, Brazil sipping a Caiparinha by the pool at my hotel next to the broad Alantic….

Music is everywhere in Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, a place that culturally is almost a part of Africa. Visiting the old city-center yesterday, we first heard, at a small street-café, some beautiful bossa-nova with vocals, guitar and drums.

This however, was almost over-powered acoustically by the sound of the Olodum percussion from their open-air concert hall a few metres away. Olodum is a Bahian percussion-based performance group, so famous they even made a video with Michael Jackson in the nearby Pelourinho (Pillory) Square. Intrigued by the sound, I walked a little down the narrow street, but could not enter as the concert was already much progressed. Still, just the sound from outside was very impressive, and reminds you that music on CD or video can be a very pale imitation of the live version! The sound of the drums reverberating through the ancient streets delivers a powerful emotional response that is hard to describe, not to mention the rhythms and groove, which could be the beat to any contemporary dance-music production!

We’re hoping to attend an actual concert in the same place this evening.

I’ll try to post a few photos of Salvador and Bahia later after I’m finished at the pool!