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smooth-jazz piano album Dream your Dream by Duncan Millar

Dream Your Dream, about this album:

(scroll down) My first smooth jazz piano album was written and demo-ed in my home studio, located in a converted air-raid shelter in my back garden in North London that narrowly escaped destruction in World War 2! It was later completed in a converted attic, home of Ernie McKone’s studio Boogieback, in which he previously worked with Count Basic and Brian Tarquin among others.

While working on this album I’ve been thinking about the route I’ve taken in music which has resulted in its creation. I started on the piano at an early age, but I think it was probably listening to my dad play bits of Boogie-Woogie piano and George Shearing’s “Lullaby of Birdland” that first opened my ears to the possibilities of jazz harmonies. I wanted to play chords like that and I can still remember the thrill I got when I found my first dominant seventh chord!

smooth-jazz piano album Good to Go by Duncan Millar

Good To Go

(scroll down) This album has taken a while! Although a few things were tweaked recently, most of the album was recorded over a year ago. The original songs were written in the period before then and my first album in 1998, so they’ve been floating around in my head for quite some time!I enjoyed making the album and think it is a real progression since my last.

There’s a lot of free playing and soloing around the tunes which really brings them to life, showing off each player’s talents to the full and creating a great live feel.Some of the players who gave their great talents to the first album are here on the second, for example, Jacko Peake on saxes and flute, Chanan Hanspal on guitar and Arden Hart on trumpet. However, their are some new guys who make some great contributions, in particular, Damon Browne on flugelhorn, a familiar name on the London jazz-scene. Chris Standring, who’s also from London but based in LA, and who, of course, has had a couple of high-flying smooth-jazz albums, makes welcome appearances on Super-real Feel and Go Fly your Kite.

smooth-jazz piano album Comin Thru by Duncan Millar

Comin’ Thru

Comin’ Thru was an album containing selections from both Dream Your Dream and Good To Go, released on the London-based Passion Jazz label.

Acid-Jazz Smooth-jazz piano album by A One (Duncan Millar)

Free Association, (A One)

(scroll down) A One was an acid-jazz project created by Duncan, and was a kind of return to his jazz roots. The first single, on WOW records got good reviews and this and other tracks appeared on many U.S. compilations. Eventually, an album, “Free Association”, was released on China records.Originally released on Indochina Records, several tracks gained exposure on Moonshine Records acid-jazz compilations and Instinct Record’s samplers.

Subsequently re-released in the USA by Trippin’ ‘n Rhythm Records, Chicago.”Lots of different colours and textures. ‘West By South West’ is a great dance tune” Sounds (UK), Single of the Week“Millar skilfully blends familiar solos way back in the mix so that the jazz listener senses something he may have heard before but can’t quite put his finger on” Jazz Journal International

8 thoughts on “other albums: smooth jazz piano and acid jazz”

  1. Hi Duncan,

    Wow great to hear refreshing smooth Jazz!! I heard your song on “The Best Smooth Jazz London” with Rod Lucas and man I went straight to your website. I definitely will get your latest album “Fresh Air” and earlier ones as well, haven’t heard a track I didn’t like. Thanks for your musical gift, hope to see you in Florida!

  2. Dear Duncan

    I discovered your new face in music, searching information about your old band, Blue Mercedes, I’m working in a radio station in Colombia, and I don’t trust on wikipedia. Why your single “I Want To Be Your Property” is not available on iTunes Colombia.
    We ask to Universal but the labels don’t have idea from music of the 80s, focus in other tunes and styles. Also I checked on Itunes US and neither. I appreciate your answer. Best

    1. Hi Oscar, many thanks for your contact and interest. About “I Want to be Your Property”, well, this record is nearly 28 years old, and , I think it’s not usual for record labels to keep tracks in their catalog for that long unless they were exceptionally big. I would guess the small fee and necessary administration for it to be on Itunes just does not happen because of that and because there is just not the demand. I myself don’t have any contact myself with anyone at the record company, which in fact does not even exist anymore in the same form (MCA Records). However, it’s great to learn from you that a radio-station in Colombia is interested in the music ( I am pretty sure it was never even released in South America at the time). If you need mp3’s I can send you these, and I even have spare, unused CD’s, vinyl, cassettes etc. all the best

      P.S. let me know the name of your station and other details, and if I can tune in on the web sometime to hear the track!

  3. Hi Duncan !
    I am loving your music ! I listen to it thru SkyFM. Why is it, that it is impossible to purchase your music thru iTunes or Amazon Germany ? Its a shame ! May be you can give me an answer and may be you can give me an idea how to buy certain songs and tracks !


    1. Hi Joerg, many thanks for message, it is great to get your feedback and hear you appreciate music! My most recent album “Fresh Air” should definitely be on Amazon.de and iTunes in Germany, both CD’s and mp3’s. This is on my own label so I can control that. (It’s hard for me to actually check iTunes there from where I am so please let me know if not so).

      As for earlier albums, “Dream Your Dream” and “Good to Go”, (which are the ones that have been played on Sky.fm recently), these are unfortunately not in my control, as released some years back on a US label. Some mp3’s of these albums are available on Amazon.com (US). There is also availability of some new CD’s on Amazon (US and Europe), and also used (though apparently often expensive).

      I may try to encourage previous label to improve this situation, but not easy as it no longer exists in same form.

      However, you have prompted me to think of a solution, which is that for any purchase through this website of a CD or mp3 album of “Fresh Air”, (my 2013 album), I will include an mp3 version of one of my previous albums as a free gift! I may also be able to sell a very few “as-new” copies of previous albums, which I will sign on request. Please contact me if interested.

      1. Will buy “Fresh Air” but want a copy of “Good To Go” in MP3 format provided the bit rate is 192 or better – Can you deliver?

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